Hi, I'm Dave -- welcome to my project archive! I used to work as a freelance graphic and web designer. I have done graphic design for print, web, and social media, from book covers and training manuals to online message campaigns. I made websites for bloggers, photographers, research programs, and various small businesses. I have since retired from professional design to work in another industry, but I am proud of my past work and want to give it a good-looking home.

My freelance projects included work with established brands such as AARP, as well as newer companies and independent professionals seeking to establish their identities. I worked with these clients to translate their company niches and messaging goals into visuals. I managed and executed the design process from initial concept to finished logos, websites and more.

My working style has always been highly collaborative. I'm good at explaining the pros and cons of different approaches, and I make sure to understand people's needs and perspective at every step of a project. I'd rather make a few extra calls or write a few extra emails than push forward before we're on the same page. I developed these skills during my designer days, and they continue to serve me well in my new career. It was also great to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds, and learn how to meet each client at their level of knowledge and experience with the design process.

I am a relaxed, upbeat person with enthusiasm for joint projects of all kinds. I workshop games with other independent developers, coach and play ultimate frisbee, and contribute analytical articles to an ESPN-linked baseball blog.

I am currently based in Philadelphia, PA, USA.