Fully tested games

Immersive medieval adventure confronting the supernatural unknown and leveraging the secrets you learn.

Collaborative storytelling of supervillain snafus.

Collaborative storytelling of scheming courtier snafus.

Lightly tested – fun as is, but not final

Spout conspiracy theories and seek out which ones are true.

Surreal secret agent mission amidst whispered clues.

X-Files-style scripts unfold in familiar but unpredictable fashion.

Untested games

Vocal jamming in pursuit of a fusion of jazz, rock, and character tastes.

High school clique assimilation and struggle pursued by verbal showdowns.

Alien scouts who've grown to like life on Earth struggle to unearth a threat to their collective while resisting the call home.

The expert. The innocent. The crusader. All trapped in one body, vying for control. Now they must pool their skills to work their way through Area 51 to the truth and a solution.

Control individual senses of a single character. To be played in the dark while groping for different talking sticks.

Solo game. Navigate your way through a randomly-generated classic fantasy adventure, choosing which opportunities to pursue and how much to employ talking, violence, and magic.

Comedy roleplay. Explaining human office behavior to our curious alien overlord.

Teenage road trip search for identity crossed with fairyland animal transformations.

Timed freeform scenario. Who's the killer, the patsy, the schemer, and the rat?

Early efforts

Procedural mash-up of iconic characters and genres. Jack Bauer in a Western, Princess Leia in a Thriller, etc.

My very first finished game draft. Friends in a tough neighborhood fight to maintain or advance their image and rep while clue-hunting to forestall a local supernatural apocalypse.